Be More Productive with Flat File Cabinets

Published: 25th August 2011
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A flat file cabinet is specifically made to keep large maps, huge papers and other big files that you donít want crumpled or wrinkled. This kind of storage solution is available in varying sizes. However, they are often built with wide and shallow drawers.

If ever youíre in the market for flat file cabinets, hereís a guide that should help you a cabinet that will best organize your office or home.


Remember, the natural function of all sorts of file cabinets is holding files and documents. Once the cabinets are loaded with various stuff, they tend to become very heavy. This makes them more likely to wobble and topple over, making it dangerous for anyone in close proximity. For that reason, you'll need to secure a stable flat file cabinet that sill stay intact even if it's full of various documents and papers.

Whether youíre going to buy a metal or wooden file cabinet, make sure that it has anti-tipping features. Doing so, will prevent the cabinet from falling and thus avoid any form of accident. Open drawers can cause the cabinet to tip over. It's advisable for you to test the cabinet's anti-tipping features and see if it's capable of remaining stable regardless of how many drawers are opened . It's also nice to look for something that comes with a locking system that only allows one drawer to be opened at a time.Furthermore, try getting a cabinet with drawers that open easily and smoothly. This is quite a convenient feature since you don't have to try hard to jerk the drawer open and possibly end up hurting yourself. Ideally, file cabinet drawers should be easy to pull open regardless of whether they are full or empty.


You might find it necessary to store more important files inside the flat file cabinet. If you don't like having other people snooping around and having access to your files, you can obtain a cabinet that has a reliable and stable locking mechanism. At the same time, it may be a hassle to have to find a single key for each drawer. Fortunately, you can try looking for a file cabinet that has a centralized locking system. .

It's always better to be extra careful than to be sorry in the end. Various types of accidents such as fire can happen anytime. To keep your files safe in case of fire, you can choose to buy a fire-proof cabinet. This type of cabinet will ensure you that your files will stay cool and safe from the flames and heat. On the downside, this type of cabinet can get a little more expensive but you'll be sure to have your files safe in the midst of fire.


All filing cabinets are made to be durable; however, they are not built with the same type of materials. Itís generally accepted that metal ones last longer than their wooden counterparts. But if you're willing to look for it you can find that there are also a handful of wooden file cabinets that can last for a very long time.

Flat cabinets can help create an organized, efficient office. When all your documents are sorted out and organized you save more time by not having to go through every single drawer just to look for a certain file. Therefore, you save time better spent on your work or business.

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